Get Laundry Booking Chatbot Template

What you are getting today!

✔ Deliver awesome customer service
Template has inbuilt AI and Natural Language Processing functionality that would always engage your prospects & customers on facebook.

✔ Post laundry service review
The integrated 5 star review system would enable you to request for service reviews from your customers automatically.

✔ Laundry order status
This features is coming soon. It would enable your laundry clients to be able to know the status of their laundry order via messenger.

✔ On-board new laundry leads effortlessly
This bot solution would help you onboard new laundry and dry cleaning leads on automation and turn them into customers.

✔ Time based greeting
When users of your page interact with your business, they can be greeted based on the time of the day e.g Good morning, afternoon e.t.c.

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